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The mission of the DEOrecordings Association is impacting people through media – the Internet, radio stations, music and other creative means, in the name of Christ in order to help establish a personal, intimate relationship with Him, and to live a fulfilled life of service to other people and for His glory.

The message of DEOrecordings has remained unchanged over the last 40 years: pointing at Jesus through music and media. Gradually, an amateur, 10-member band that gave hundreds of concerts built - with God's help - Poland's first professional recording studio with European standards, the legendary DEOrecordings in Wisla, still active and operational. Below you can see our activities and read the Statute of the DEOrecordings Association.

We’ve been operating since the seventies and the recording studio opened its doors in 1986. We’ve recorded hundreds of bands, we collaborated with numerous excellent producers, engineers and artists.

Experience is our capital. Many times we were commissioned by foreign clients and we met their expectations, which introduced a new quality to Poland. We welcome “fresh blood”, new ideas, young, ambitious and talented employees.

Having built solid international relationships, upon our client’s request, we’re able to invite even most acclaimed names.


The CCM Radio is a group of journalists, whose task is to provide current information from the Silesia and Podbeskidzie regions. An always up-to-date weather forecast and last minute news is what our listeners have been valuing for years.

The Radio’s timetable includes authorial programs for music enthusiasts, and if you want to greet your friends – we recommend the wishlist concert! Do you enjoy being in the know regarding local developments? Listen to the information and journalistic mateirals. For reward hunters we prepared interesting contests!

The CCM Radio can be heard in Silesia and Podbeskidzie regions. As our listeners describe – the CCM Radio is friendly for the ear and the spirit. Check out whether it’s the radio you’ve been searching for.


Is a group of Christians from various denominations, who are connected through passion for sharing the Gospel with others. They want to help people surrender their lives to Jesus and grow in their faith. They are convinced that true life transformation is possible with the Holy Spirit. Prayer is a key element of their ministry, therefore it plays a vital role.

Join them. They need people who will get involved in prayer, will become e-coaches, small group leaders, or will support them by promoting the SzukajacBoga.pl website.


A characteristic feature of the Fest Radio is that its Silesianness is clearly noticable, while not being imposed on listeners, without dividing them into Silesians and Gorols, with no ideological undertone. Without a doubt this is what the audience values, as has been systematically confirmed through listenership polls.

In this respect, the success of Fest has been proven as listeners of this Silesian radio span from Pszczyna to Miasteczko Śląskie and Koszęcin, or from Gliwice to Mysłowice. Moreover, listeners include also citizens from Zagłębie and various recipients living in huge housing estates in Katowice or Tychy. The silesian dialect is attractive to many from the broader area.


„Outback” – is a special weekend addressed at: mother/father with son/daughter and married couples, located in a secluded, charming place, outside of the daily routine.

The „Parent – teenager” program: Tested, captivating and attractive plan ensures unforgettable experiences, a life adventure you will remember. It was prepared for you to get an opportunity to get to know your child / parent better through common tasks on the fresh air, conversations, listening to music, watching sketches or listening to interesting people sharing personal stories from their family lives. It’s time of discovering what God has to offer to each of us and to deepen this most important relationship – with our God.

The „Couples” program: it’s an occasion to renew or strengthen the bonds between husband and wife, whether they have 1 or 70 years of married life experience, to find answers to difficult life questions regarding the purpose and sense of one’s life, to set spiritual priorities. It’s time of discovering what God has to offer to each of us and to deepen this most important relationship, based on which we can build healthy relationships and tackle everyday challenges.


Music and Movies Within Reach

The Christian media store is a part of the DR Studio. The offer includes a wide variety of music genres, from praise&worship, through pop, rock, to gospel and its multiple types, like soul, R&B or hip-hop.

We didn’t forget about movie lovers. The store offers feature films, documentaries, educational, animated stories for children, as well as music concerts on DVD and Blu-Ray.


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