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Our Vision is to Serve People

The mission of the DEOrecordings Association is impacting people through media – the Internet, radio stations, music and other creative means, in the name of Christ in order to help establish a personal, intimate relationship with Him, and to live a fulfilled life of service to other people and for His glory.


Activity of the Association

The DEOrecordings Association is an inter-denominational Christian organization. We cooperate with churches and organizations, whose goal is to bring the Gospel closer to people. Here are a few of the activities that the DEOrecordings Association is focusing on:

40 years of the DEOrecordings Association
Conference You're needed!
Outback Poland
CCM store
History Makers
DR Studio

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Prayer is an inseparable element of conducting effective evangelism efforts. We ask for your prayers that we would reach large numbers of people.

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You can make your gift by going to 4dministries.org and choosing Poland, Henryk Krol.