Cooperation Agreement

Agreement on cooperation in fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus described in Matthew 28:19 – 20 within the Platform.

As a Christian who accepted Jesus as his/her personal Lord and Savior, guided by love for God and people, I declare my involvement as an e-coach in the activities of the platform. I undertake to respect the content of this agreement.

  1. 1. The agreement, from (date) ____________________ for an indefinite period of time between:
    Full name: ________________________________
    Date of birth: ________________________________
    Address (place of residence): _________________________________________________________________

    hereinafter referred to as e-coach and the Platform, administered and legally represented by the DEOrecordings Association in: ul. Malinka 65D/2, Wisła (43-460), Poland

  2. 2. The Platform, makes available free of charge the systems needed to carry out the activities in the role of e-coach. The Platform commits itself to making every effort to ensure that the systems operate efficiently and protect access to personal data in accordance with applicable law, and to conduct conferences, training and workshops to train for the activities of an e-coach, to develop the skills and engage in active projects.
  3. 3. The System Administrator shall grant e-coach access to systems containing user personal information for the duration of this agreement and the ability to contact the users based on the current Privacy Policy, General Terms and Conditions, the principles of e-coach ministry, the platform values and the content of this agreement. The authorization to process personal data, together with the instructions of the Data Administrator how to process them, is set out in Annex 1 to this Agreement.
  4. 4. The e-coach undertakes to:
    1. a. Comply with current policies:
    2. b. Be involved free of charge in courses and correspondence with other Platform users; to use their own equipment, which always contains an up-to-date version of running antivirus software and an Internet connection.
    3. c. Maintain the confidentiality of the processed data and of correspondence with other users of the systems. The e-coach cannot pass on the data outside the systems of Platform without the express written consent in the authorized systems of Platform.
    4. d. Conduct the activities of e-coach so that third parties do not have access to the content of correspondence and personal information that e-coach has access to.
    5. e. Be fully responsible for the content of the correspondence.
    6. f. Be involved in the e-coach activities for such amount of time that the assigned Platform users do not wait for an answer more than 3 days, except for the event when the assigned users have been informed that the response will be delayed or that no correspondence is possible within a given period of time.
    7. g. Use the green light in the course system, which means that you are ready to communicate with new users, and the red light, which means that you are not ready to communicate with new users, as well as using the “vacation” feature to mark longer breaks in the ability to communicate with new users on the Platform.
    8. h. As far as possible, participate in regional meetings and workshops and the annual conference of the Platform.
    9. i. Regularly read messages sent by e-mail and other Platform systems.
    10. j. Update personal information in the event of a change, as well as notify the Administrator of any change of place of residence, mobile phone number, private email address, which is the primary channel of communication with the platform.
  5. 5. The e-coach declares that he/she has been informed of the way in which his/her personal data collected during the recruitment, ministry, and use of Platform tools are processed. The e-coach gives consent for sending him/her all notifications related to the e-coach activities. The e-coach gives consent for access to his/her correspondence with Platform users for the purpose of analysis needed to improve projects, prepare workshops, new courses and conferences.
  6. 6. The e-coach gives consent for verifying the correspondence by the Administrator to check if the correspondence is in compliance with the current Privacy policy, General Terms and Conditions, Principles of e-coach ministry, values of platform and this agreement. The use of any examples of correspondence (without reference to users’ personal information) is subject to the consent of the e-coach to whom the correspondence relates.
  7. 7. In the event of a unagreed-upon lack of e-coach activity exceeding 12 months, this agreement may be suspended or terminated, which results in the loss of access to Platform systems. The private e-mail address of the e-coach will then be moved to the mailing list “ newsletter” that he/she can unsubscribe from at any time.
  8. 8. At any time, the e-coach can resign from e-coach ministry at the Platform by sending a resignation to The resignation shall be accepted at the time of receiving the confirmation that the resignation has been delivered, not later than 7 working days after receiving and reading the resignation. If, at the time of resignation, the e-coach has active correspondence with assigned Platform users, they will be immediately assigned to other e-coaches.
  9. 9. Any possible misunderstandings will be solved in the attitude of love and peace within the Platform.




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