ODO Manual

Instruction for those involved in conducting www.GrowYourLife.net courses.

  1. 1. Data Controller

    Thank you for participating in the activities of www.GrowYourLife.net. The following instruction provides the most important information regarding the protection of data that is entrusted to us by our respondents. We want to ensure a high standard of protection of this data and for this reason we oblige you to read the following instructions and comply with its provisions. We hope that gathering this information in one place will be helpful for you!

  2. 2. Legal basis for processing

    The General Terms and Conditions of Use of the www.GrowYourLife.net ministry constitute a kind of contract between us and our users and are the legal basis for the processing of the personal data of the course participant. Each user when registering his account agrees to these terms. You don’t need to know the conditions by heart, but we recommend reading this brief document: https://growyourlife.net/terms-of-service

  3. 3. Practical rules for handling personal dataConfidentiality:

    • do not disclose personal data to persons who are not authorized by the Administrator in writing
    • do not leave any printouts containing users’ personal data in places where someone could have access to them
    • if you’re using computers and devices that other people have access to, be sure to log out from your account. You can’t allow people who use the same devices as you to access your account.
    • for possible e-mail correspondence with users, do not use private e-mail addresses, use the growyourlife.net mail box. If you don’t have one, contact the coordinator.
    • do not send collective e-mails by entering recipients’ addresses in the „To:” field. If necessary, use the „Bcc:” field (hidden copy)
    Minimization and limitation of processing:
    • process only such data that is necessary for the scope of your responsibilities – e.g. do not ask the course participant for his personal data (for example, PESEL number, blood type, parents’ names, etc…), which are in no way needed to conduct the course and achieve the objectives of the course
    • if you have any doubts, ask the coordinator
    • data may be processed only in accordance with the purpose for which it was collected
    • do not use the data to which you have been granted access for any purpose other than to conduct the course and achieve the objectives of the course. If you want to use this data for some other purpose, ask the user for consent
    • in case of questions from participants, clearly provide basic information about the processing of their data (who is the administrator, on what basis we process the data). However, for security reasons do not provide any details about the procedures or the protection measures taken. If anyone has additional questions, please contact the Deorecordings Data Protection Officer at privacy@deorecordings.pl in the event of any data breaches (accidental or intentional violation of any of the rules described above), report this fact to the coordinator as soon as possible.
    Technical measures:
    • use antivirus software, scan all external media carriers and files downloaded from the Internet before launching
    • the computer must be protected by a password (at least 8 characters, uppercase and lowercase letters) or a PIN code
    • we recommend that you do not store any personal information about you on your local hard drive. If necessary, any personal data stored on the hard drive must be stored in encrypted form (additional password before opening such a file)
    • log out of the system when you are not using it
    • do not leave personal data sets on unencrypted media (pendrives, external hard drives)
    • do not use popular cloud platforms to store files (if necessary, the Administrator will provide the necessary solutions)
    • keep general security measures (do not open unknown attachments, avoid websites with low credibility, etc…)
    • if you are faced with an emergency situation threatening health or life, these values take precedence over data protection (vital interest of the threatened)
    • if you do not know how to proceed in a given situation, contact the coordinator.

Thank you for your ministry

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